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Design, Deploy and Support for your Broadcast, Audio Visual and Multimedia Projects

Commstream Media Projects offers a wide range of consulting services for architectural, corporate, education, broadcast and multimedia sectors. We have the necessary tools and expertise to help your   technology and transformation objectives.   We partner with our clients to develop engaging business strategies, design quality and scalable solutions, and build results in highest quality on time, on budget projects.

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Communications & Audio Visual Solutions

With decades of experience in countless broadcast and audio-visual projects, we’re ready to assist you in taking your technology requirements to the next level. At Commstream Media Projects, we combine our insights on how to transform your communication projects, processes, strategies, and in turn your company. And our staff have the capabilities and experience to actually achieve these goals. We’re proud to help shape how leading organizations structure and manage their specific communications needs.

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Grow Your Communications Needs Effectively

 Total Systems Design & Deployment

Commstream Media Projects is your partner for business development through Audio Visual Design Planning.
We work with our clients to examine what your organisation is doing to stay relevant and competitive in this fast-paced technology driven world.
We strategise using smart tools and project management methodology and resources  in order to deliver to you the industry's leading products and services


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Complete End to End Solutions

Looking to develop your organisation's communication & multimedia requirements but not sure where to turn, or are you just seeking advice on the best options in the marketplace for your needs? Commstream Media Projects are extremely well placed, with over thirty years in the consulting, design, deployment and support of business communications needs to assist you along every step of your technology requirements. We are here to assist you.

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Implementation & Support

A partnership with Commstream Media Projects will ensure a professional, accurately scoped and delivered project on your organization that will make the difference now and into the future. Our team will work tirelessly and with a focus on your organization's real needs to provide you with scalable solutions that really meet your needs.
Support of your existing and new projects is a vital component of every project and our team have a significant focus on service and support


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